Here are the results of our work over the still active as a Make Up artist in the community called Indonesian Zombie Club (IZOC).

This is example of simple zombie make up. We only using three elements, such as foundation, eye shadow, and cake blood (artificial blood) without applying proshetic. Anyone can try make this in 15 minutes or less. This type of make up is suitable for television or low budget film.

For anyone that interesting to learning about Special Effect make up can try this first. Blending of the three elements is not difficult, just make it as scary as possible. The blood is only for accessories but some zombies dont need blood accessories in their face.

There are three types of zombie make up :

Simple zombie make up : (see the example)

Medium zombie make up : with simple scar prosthetic

Hard zombie make up   : full prosthetic

Makeup zombie Indonesia requires the selection of makeup tools specifically to suit the tropical climate.

The beginner level is not as hard as practice. Creativity and imagination are needed.


Zombie Make Up 2

Yang ini juga hasil karya kami sewaktu masih aktif di komunitas Indonesia Zombie Club (IZOC). Tapi kedua makhluk di atas ini beda lho jen...


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