Mythical story of Tuyul, English version

Tuyul Movie

Tuyul was filmed in September 2014 before Kampung Zombie Movie. Husband and Wife, Daniel (Gandhi Fernando) and Mia (Dinda Kanya Dewi) moves to an old house given by Mia's mother after she passed away. Daniel is the one that insists they move to her old house to saves up some money before the birth of their first born while he'll be working on his job at a tea plantation project. After cleaning up one of the rooms, Daniel finds a bottle hidden mysteriously underneath the broken wooden floor. The empty bottle might be a home to a scary creature that could potentially put Daniel, Mia, and their unborn child in danger. This movie genre is psychological horror. Tuyul will be made as a Trilogy. The first Series; Tuyul part 1 has already shown on cinema in April 2015. According to Renee Pictures for 2nd part is scheduled to be shown in cinema on early 2017. 

Tale of Tuyul 

This little creature is often made as a scapegoat for the loss money or jewelry. Many people are using Tuyul for their shortcut to gain wealth in bizarre way. 

According to the famous Paranormal Frans Wiguna, Tuyul doesn't have a sex and comes from another dimension. Tuyul comes from the first realm, where it was  forerunner of a soul. It also comes from the spirit of miscarriage or abortion baby. To be used as pesugihan creatures, Tuyul must be treated with affection, in exchange it can be used by human to steal money or jewelry. Tuyul have colonies and it also the weakest mystical creature. It will run very fast whenever they meet human. 

Tuyul has ability to manipulate human's mind and create a conflict by possessing and disguising. Tuyul is really good in making traps and playing trickeries but all based on the order of Its master (Human) or Tuyul's King. King of the tuyul has the ability to collect and control other Tuyuls for a purpose. Some tuyuls also have ability to kill, Human usually use Tuyul to kill their business rival, and the appearance for this kind is quite different with the regular tuyul. 

Character Tuyul  

Tuyul's character in Tuyul part 1 is played by senior actor from Entong TV series; Dicky Topan. This character was designed by Billy Christian and Citra Prima the well-known Paranormal who participated in the movie act as Karina as consultant for the creature. Our special effect makeup artist Febyanto in charge for making the prosthetic as for the Painting, Made Nusha did the job. What makes interesting about this character is the shape of Its head. Billy wants to show the figure of Tuyul quite "Disturbing" although it isn't too spooky but this figure should be able to make the audiences distracted by its presence in the movie. This figure should be different from the mainstream Tuyul that already been made by other Indonesian film makeup artist.  

Materials for the head of Tuyul was quite difficult to find in Indonesia in order to save time for production, we had to be imported the materials from Japan. Materials made of silicon foam that quite difficult to apply for makeup, it required special skill to make and install the head to the actor. It took 3 hours to apply this character makeup during the filming process. 

Although the real tuyul have 5 fingers, we only made 4 fingers for our tuyul. As for the color we chose gray blue to match the color ambience of the set and lighting. (you probably seen our red tuyul in this page it's because of the lack resolution of our camera and the lighting) There are 2 kinds of Tuyul that we've already made, the test makeup and final version. You can see the final version in the Tuyul part 1 movie. 

Tuyul test makeup version 

This version really looks like a zombie than a tuyul (well maybe we've made many zombies back in our day) and on the head we found out it wasn't too extraordinary or bizarre so we remodeled the head and made the new head as it shown in the movie.


Tuyul final version : 



Make up Process Tuyul 




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